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Fall 2012 - ENGL 100-15, Academic Writing Strategies

MMSORP (Massively Multi-Student Online Research Projects)

Group Project / Group Work Pages

Group Project 1.0 - Composing Using Audio: Making a Student Podcast (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)

Group Project 2.0 - Multimodal Group Presentation

Final Paper - The Hypertext Research Essay / Instructions for Peer Review and Peer Editing

  • PEER REVIEW / PEER EDITING ASSIGNMENT: this will take place between the end of class on Wednesday Nov. 28th and the beginning of class on Wednesday Nov. 30th. Print out if necessary; then follow instructions and carry out activities on our PEER REVIEW + PEER EDITING FORM (found here). After browsing student/user home pages on the right hand side of the page, you should select any two essays on the course Wiki (those that have not been worked on will not have yellow post-it notes on them). Read each essay and fill out the PEER REVIEW form completely, front and back, for each. As you read the instructions on the form you will also make one (1) change to each essay and leave a yellow post-in note about your change (see instructions on form). Bring your completely filled-out forms to class on Friday Nov. 30th. STUDENTS receive credit for this assignment when the instructor receives TWO COMPLETELY FILLED OUT FORMS about their paper, as indicated by the name at the top of the form as filled out by the reviewer. Students will receive copies of their reviewers forms and comments in class on that day. (NOTE: original writers of the essays should delete/remove any post-it notes on their paper before submitting their final version at the end of the term)

  • A short guide to using the "Editor's Toolbar" at the top of your Wiki page, including how to add your required "Table of Contents" to your paper (see the first entry under the "Widget" function)

Classrooms, Student Work, Collaboration

"By a crude mathematical formula, it can be suggested that what students teach students should be one-third of an undergraduate education, what professors teach students should be another third, and what each student does alone in the library, the laboratory, and the study should be the remaining third;.."
-- Jeroslav Pelikan, The Idea of the University: A Reexamination (New Haven: Yale UP, 1992): 61. Print.

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