Because of the convenience that the digital media has brought to the younger generation, there are three issues arrive in our modern world. The three major concerns for the digital nation are multitask, new concept for the operation, and unreality virtual world. First of all, although students claim that they are capable of doing many tasks in one time, the research has shown that people who have the confidence on their own higher skill of multitask do badly on the tests which are hold by the professor who study for the problem of multitask due to the higher distraction from the environment. Also, with the design of a new communication system, IBM Company has increased its efficiency but loses attendance for their work. Last but not least, a reason that the younger generation is addictive to the virtual world is the unrealistic dream that have been created. To sum up, as the narrator in the film states there is always gain and loss and then life moves on.


* It’s not that the student are dumb, it’s not try are not trying. I think they’re trying in a way that’s not as effective as it could because they are distracting by other else.

* No one is able to measure if the student is capable for the Multitasking.

* Crating the people that are not able to think well and clearly. EX: according to the multitasking test, the people with higher multitask do bad due to the higher distraction from the environment.

* According to the psychology, it’s impossible for human brain being to do more than one task at one time.

* A research shows that the two brains will be influenced by two different ways of understanding the knowledge. The result shows that searching the information on Google have been more effective than reading because the brain has already sort the information during our searching.

* Underestimate the performance that the kid has the ability to face the reality.

* Learning the ethic, and then learning the side use of it.

* Multitasking becomes diminishing return.

* Writing the paragraph instead of essay.The writing style for the students nowadays is belonged to short-term writing.

* There is always gain and loss and then life moves on.

* Virtual world look like the average thing that we dream about. Get a place that you can become someone new, or the place that you have imagined. It’s not just a game, but also a new reality.


This picture illustrates how digital nation does multitask as part of their life.

This picture shows us how digital nation’s brain look like now.