MMSORP (Massively Multi-Student Online Research Project) – Getting Started

We will, as a class be creating an individual wiki page for a few select texts/viewings this term. Each page will be similar to the look and the content of a page for a specific term we might find on Wikipedia.

Similar to a Wikipedia page, each student should view themselves as an editor and creator of the page. Be prepared to contribute at least 3-6 contributions, whereas one (1) contribution might be a sentence-length piece of writing or it might be one (1) addition of any appropriate subject headings, links, reference sources, or images to our wiki page that will help describe this assigned reading or film.

This is strictly a "summarizing" exercise: our job is to summarize the reading/film and describe it without additional commentary--although we may decide to include summary and description of the controversial views or commentary expressed by others about the reading/film.

Contributing to the page might take any of the following forms:

  • Textual description and summary of the work or its main points
  • Adding a heading to be filled in with additional information. A heading is one of the terms in larger fonts that indicates a new section of the wiki page. An example might be "References," "External Links", "Plot Synopsis," "Cast and Crew" (if one is doing a wiki page about a film) or "Major Characters" (if one is writing a wiki page about a novel, for example). [HOW TO: type your heading on the page normally and then use the drop down box on the top left to select "Heading 1" for a major heading like the title of the page or "Heading 2" for a secondary heading further down the page]
  • Biographical information about the writer/maker or relevant persons
  • Links to external web pages [HOW TO: use the "link" button at the top of the editing window. External links should check the "Open in an external window" box]
  • Links to other related pages inside of our wiki [HOW TO: use the "link" button at the top of the editing window. These links should NOT check the "Open in an external window" box]
  • An image [HOW TO: use the "file" button at the top of the editing window; once the image is uploaded and inserted on the page, use the "style text" button on the far left of the top toolbar to set the alignment to left, center or right]
  • Footnote references linked to numbers in the body of the text [HOW TO: use the "Widgets" button and select "References" to add the in-text link and connect it to the footnote reference at the bottom of the page.

Students should work within the zone of their technological comfort or interest. Addition of text will be the least technologically complicated way to contribute to the course wiki page.

Still stuck? Looking at a Wikipedia page example of the kind of source you are working on (poem, documentary film, historical event) can give you ideas for headings and the kind of information that might be expected on your wiki page. Of course we should NOT be cutting/pasting information directly from Wikipedia to construct our page -- that would be plagiarism!