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Below is a rough draft of my research paper on digital education.

Joanne Mark

Brian Ganter
November 29, 2012
English 100-05
Digitizing Education with YouTube
‍Education has always been an important aspect in our lives, without education we would not have made discoveries.‍ Discoveries which include the technology we use today; it had been a significant part of our lives ever since we have been familiarized with it. YouTube, the website in which we all frequently visit can create a new road to education. With the future generation being attached to monitor screens, all the “digital natives” on our planet, education will have to slowly adapt to the ways of learning through technology. Along with YouTube, education can be placed to a higher level with the aid in technology and the addition to digitizing our future generations. Possibly in the near future, we will be able to see that all education will be dominated with video clips, audio sounds, digitized presentations and many more. Because we use YouTube in our daily lives, it may be the most promising tool for education.

Why YouTube?

The article Digital Storytelling: A Tool for Teaching and Learning in the YouTube Generation, written by educational technology professors Oliver Dreon and Jon Landis, starts off with the phrase “Charlie bit my finger”. I am sure without even explaining what that phrase refers to, we all know where it is from. This is from the YouTube website, where people from all over the world may log into their accounts, comment, upload and stream videos. This highly popular video created by chance, at home was uploaded on to YouTube and received over a million hits! Since we use YouTube, and is shared amongst all generations, we should continue with this fascinating tool and develop a system of education for our future generations.

YouTube not only allows us be taught with a greater audience, it also creates the impression that learning is not just in the classroom. Many of the students are most comfortable at home, therefore creating a home and friendly environment will aid in all perspectives. Learning is also interactive, with YouTube, you can gain experience in interactivity with billions of users around the world, different age, different ethnicity, different profession and different point of views.

What are Digital Natives?

Research conducted with YouTube, Teachers and Students

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